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1. I ____ a student of English.
2. He's from Beijing. He ____ Chinese.
3. They ____ Spanish. They're from Italy.
4. This is Renata. She's ____.
5. These are my keys and ____ are yours.
6. ____'s your family name?
7. ____ you like sport?
8. I love films but I ____ like TV.
9. She starts ____ work at 8.30 in the morning.
10. Where ____ have lunch?
11. Do you like ____ video games?
12. He's quite friendly but he ____ very quiet.
13. She hasn't got ____ brothers or sisters.
14. Tom's ____ name is Anna.
15. How many children ____ got?
16. ____ a table and four chairs in the dining room.
17. Are there ____ cupboards in the bedroom?
18. There are a lot of books on the ____.
19. The bank is ____ the cinema.
20. You ____ buy clothes in a post office.
21. Is there ____ milk in the fridge?
22. Can I have a ____ of biscuits, please?
23. How ____ water do you drink every day?
24. She ____ born in 1985.
25. We ____ afraid of the dark when we were children.
26. My birthday is on August ____.
27. They had a barbecue with friends ____ Saturday.
28. She ____ work when she was eight.
29. ____ you do a lot of sport when you were young?
30. ____ did you last see her?
31. We went ____ at the weekend.
32. I woke up late ____ I missed my train.
33. Can you tell me the ____ to the library?
34. Today is ____ than yesterday.
35. We stayed at the ____ hotel in town.
36. Is Indian food ____ than English food?
37. They ____ to music now.
38. What ____ doing at the moment?
39. What ____ she look like?
40. He ____ a suit to work
41. You ____ drive a car in the centre of town. It isn't allowed
42. You ____ to walk, you can take a bus.
43. They ____ a taxi to the station two hours ago.
44. He goes to work ____ helicopter.
45. I ____ to move to another country.
46. She's ____ learn to drive.
47. I didn't have lunch so I ____ hungry now.
48. Don't go to bed late or you ____ be tired tomorrow.
49. Let's ____ swimming this afternoon.
50. You've got a headache. You ____ drink coffee.
51. Sorry, I don't understand. Please speak ____.
52. Please turn the music down. It's ____.
53. ____ make you a sandwich?
54. He ____ climbed a mountain in his life.
55. ____ you ever flown a plane?
56. Our last family celebration ____ my mother's birthday.
57. When did they decide ____ married?
58. I ____ London because I got a new job.
59. What ____ on at the moment?
60. What's the first thing you do when you ____ work?
61. He's an extremely busy IT consultant so he _____ takes a holiday.
62. I don't mind _____ late sometimes.
63. We _____ for dinner at eight tonight.
64. Are you _____ that new play at the National Theatre?
65. _____ painted the Mona Lisa?
66. Have you ever _____ a dangerous sport?
67. You _____ be late for school again.
68. You _____ wear a suit. It's a very informal party.
69. I _____ a phone call when I heard a strange noise.
70. We should all avoid _____ junk food.
71. How long has he _____ his girlfriend?
72. I've studied English _____ ten years.
73. It _____ rain tomorrow. It's going to be a sunny day.
74. What's the matter? Have you _____ a cold?
75. She used to live _____ Paris.
76. We _____ wear a uniform at my school.
77. I think everybody should travel abroad _____ experience another culture.
78. There are two cinemas in the town _____ I live.
79. She married the man _____ owned the supermarket.
80. We don't have _____ to do the things we enjoy.
81. Children spend _____ hours on the Internet.
82. Can I try this skirt _____, please?
83. It's _____ beautiful place I've ever been to.
84. They think travelling by boat is _____ comfortable than travelling by plane.
85. There are more cars and _____ space to park in the streets nowadays.
86. He worked as a biologist in _____ Amazon rainforest.
87. There's someone at the door. It _____ be John. He always visits me at this time.
88. I _____ that I'm like my mother.
89. She _____ to work in the company's office in Hong Kong.
90. Has the man come to repair the washing machine _____?
91. My sister _____ found a new job.
92. Many people think that if they _____ lots of money, they'll be very happy.
93. If you _____ now, they won't have any tickets left.
94. What _____ happen if he doesn't get here in time?
95. They told me they _____ give me a new one.
96. He _____ the film would be a great success.
97. I'd read more books if I _____ time.
98. What would you do if you _____ have any money?
99. Could you _____  a good place to eat?
100. _____ be possible to reserve a table for tonight?
101. He's French but he _____ in London at the moment.
102. When _____ tell you?
103. Who _____ this delicious cake?
104. Look! What _____ in the mirror?
105. They _____ in Paris in the 1990s.
106. I _____ ready for bed when he called.
107. I've _____ the terrible news on the radio.
108. _____ Indian curry?
109. When we got to the station, we found out that our train _____ two minutes earlier.
110. She _____ German at school but didn't understand a word when she got to Berlin.
111. I _____ on holiday tomorrow so I hope it doesn't rain too much.
112. The letter _____ to arrive before Thursday.
113. They _____ win the championship. They're not playing well enough.
114. There's a huge delay on the motorway. They _____ get here in time for lunch.
115. Do you think they _____ speak to me again?
116. She _____ speak so rudely to her teachers.
117. You _____ work there if you don't like it.
118. She _____ to find a place to live before she can leave home.
119. He _____ to play the guitar very well when he was a teenager.
120. He _____ in Brazil for over ten years.
121. She's one of _____ people in the office.
122. The house is _____ inside than it looks from the outside.
123. That shop's not _____ I expected.
124. They won't arrive before lunch, _____ they?
125. His mother was a famous writer, _____ ?
126. When I _____ tired, I usually drink a strong, black coffee.
127. You'll never play well _____ you practise a lot more.
128. Would you help me move to my new flat if I _____ you €50?
129. He _____ go to the concert if he was over the age of 18.
130. If I _____ you, I wouldn't eat it.
131. Have they ever _____ in Canada?
132. I _____ him enjoying himself so much.
133. She _____ write her name when she was four but she didn't know how to count.
134. We _____ to find a sandwich but we managed to get a cup of coffee.
135. They've bought a lovely new house but _____ garden's very small
136. Did you know they had a summer cottage _____ Greek island?
137. They don't have much money but they have _____ interesting friends.
138. We don't have _____ time or money to buy a new house.
139. That's the man _____ going to be my new boss.
140. Are those the cakes ____ said you'd buy for tea?
141. They live in Devon, ____ is one of the prettiest places in England.
142. We _____ so late if it hadn't been the rush-hour.
143. Where _____ if you hadn't been at home?
144. They can't move in because the house _____ finished yet.
145. The wedding cake _____ by the bride's mother, who's a very good cook.
146. He didn't want to go but his parents said he _____ to.
147. He said he _____ her that night.
148. I asked them if they _____ about Tom's accident.
149. She offered _____ him write the report.
150. Why don't we _____ leaving earlier?
151. Who _____ you that lovely present?
152. Do you mind me asking where _____ from?
153. _____ to tell me what's going on.
154. They _____ in that lovely old house since 1980.
155. Have you e-mailed your brother _____?
156. I _____ for my wallet for fifteen minutes. I think I've lost it!
157. Where's my car key? I _____ it on the table last night.
158. He published his first novel last year and it _____ a prize.
159. How much were _____ in your last job?
160. You _____ your instructions when you arrive.
161. He _____ living alone but now he prefers to share a flat.
162. They'll never get used _____ in the heat of the tropics.
163. The train _____ at 6.10 tomorrow morning.
164. He _____ tired when he gets home from football practice.
165. They _____ come if you invite the Smiths.
166. When we walked into the room, music _____ softly on the radio.
167. They _____ for ages when they finally heard the plane strike was over.
168. The washing machine has just broken down for the fifth time. I wish I _____ it.
169. I wish I didn't have to go out tonight. I _____ the meeting.
170. I wish _____ a foreign language but I didn't have the choice at school.
171. How many people have travelled _____ space?
172. I wish he wouldn't drive at 100 miles _____ hour on the motorway.
173. If you lent me your car, I _____ it back by 8.30.
174. If we _____ the contract, would you agree to all our demands?
175. You can come in _____ you are over 18.
176. We _____ to leave the country until we'd shown our passports.
177. My boss _____ take a day off to go to my sister's wedding.
178. Although she'd twisted her ankle, she _____ get to the nearest hospital.
179. By this time next week, I _____ on a beach in the Caribbean.
180. What do you think you _____ by 2020?
181. _____ of people will protest against the proposed new superstore in the town.
182. Do _____ you feel like going out tonight?
183. What did she say we _____ having for dinner tonight?
184. I wanted to know why _____ called me.
185. They told _____ start work the following Monday.
186. If he _____ sunglasses today, he'd have been recognised.
187. We _____ be home by now if we hadn't missed the bus.
188. If she hadn't ignored her teacher's advice, she _____ to university.
189. You _____ get up early if you want to arrive on time tomorrow.
190. You should go to the doctor if you keep _____ sore throats.
191. It's not worth _____ that film. It's awful.
192. He stopped _____ after three months because it was damaging his knees.
193. I'll never _____ in a plane for the first time.
194. You _____ seriously hurt if you hadn't been wearing your seatbelt.
195. You _____ the noise of the party last night. We were very quiet.
196. The village _____ I lived for two years was very isolated.
197. I didn't like the woman _____ I spoke to on the phone.
198. We're having dinner with some friends _____ work in the same office.
199. He almost fell off his bike _____ round the corner.
200. A painting _____ by a 10-year-old boy has won €1000 in a competition.

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