Our online courses, using a virtual classroom, follow 30 years of innovation and development in effective language teaching.

Virtual Classroom

Study from the comfort of your own home

A virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where everyone can interact, communicate and share learning resources, all in an online setting. You as a student participate from wherever you like via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our innovative online virtual classrooms offer all the benefits of a traditional classroom environment; such as group discussion, cooperation, incentive, instant support, content library, your class notes and face to face collaboration, with none of the drawbacks of physical language schools like time and travel expenses.

Don’t worry if you are new to the concept of a virtual classroom! When you sign up for one of our courses you will be sent an email with simple instructions on how to set up the virtual classroom together with an introductory lesson to show you how it all works.

See our Technical Requirements.

How our lessons work

All our courses consist of a fixed number of online lessons per week for the duration of the course. Each lesson includes all the educational material you will need either via the virtual classroom or as printed course material, which will be sent to your address via courier.

Depending on the course, lessons usually last from 120 to 150 minutes, including a 10 min break within the hour. All the way through a teacher will be there to help you.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are the standard format for all our courses. Groups are usually no more than six students per teacher.

Learning as a group offers many benefits over learning on your own. Discussing ideas with others can often deepen your understanding of a topic, and being part of a group gives you the added benefit of hearing questions from other students that you may also need to know.

Private Lessons

We also offer the choice of private lessons with one teacher per student. Private lessons take place in the same innovative online virtual classroom where group lessons are held, with all the benefits of a traditional classroom environment. Our private lessons are designed with the individual in mind, and with the ability to adapt each lesson to a student’s specific needs and requirements.

In-house Teaching

Unlike some other online language schools we are proud to offer In-house Teaching and not Remote Teaching. What is the difference?

In-house teacher work area

In-house Teaching means that all our staff are located in one place, at our ACCESS Learning Centre. Here our teachers work in their own custom areas (illustrated) that provides a quiet workspace designed for utmost efficiency, and consisting of powerful high-end computers with multiple monitors, studio quality microphones and pro-stream cameras. An environment designed specifically for online teaching with quality assurance. In-house Teaching means we can support our students and staff directly, monitor quality control and assist with any technical issues.

Remote Teaching is where teachers work from different locations, often from home. This can lead to complications. For example, the teacher might have an unsuitable workspace, a poor internet/Wi-Fi connection, an outdated laptop, a low-quality microphone and camera, as well as the inability to stream audio or video.

Exam Certificates

At ACCESS Online Learning Centre our goal is to help you obtain the most highly accredited, internationally recognized language certificate for English Language learning in the world, which will offer you access to the professional market and admission to higher academic institutions, both locally and internationally.

The diagram here shows all of the Cambridge English Qualification that our courses are designed to meet in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for describing language ability.