Why Learn English?

It is always a good idea to learn a new language and picking English is an excellent choice as it is the official language of more than fifty countries and the world’s lingua franca.

Firstly, you will have access to better education, which means you will be able to study abroad and have a wider variety of courses and universities to choose from. Besides access to universities and colleges, you will have a much larger pool of information at your disposal, from reading books, encyclopedias, magazine articles and browsing the internet.

Furthermore, getting a job can be difficult, but if you are experienced with English your chances of landing a good job are a lot higher. You will be able to apply for jobs within or outside your country of residence, which means you might need to travel to another country. If leaving your residency is not an option, applying for an online job and working remotely is something that can also be considered.

Your knowledge of the English language will not get in the way of you and your dream to travel. With English you can travel pretty much anywhere around the world. All tourist destinations use English as their primary language of communication and even if you travel to more alternative, out of the ordinary places, there will surely be people with the ability to speak some basic English.

What is more, most entertainment these days is in English, which means you will be able to experience and enjoy things in English. With music for example, you will be able to read and understand the lyrics of your favorite songs, you will be able to watch movies and TV series without the need of subtitles, which take up screen space and can be rather annoying for some of us. Finally, reading a book in its mother tongue allows its readership to get a better feel of the writers’ voice, words and sentences. Expressed in their own unique way, which unfortunately tends to get lost in translation.

English is considered one of the easiest foreign languages one can learn, since you interact with it through many ways. Once you have reached a good level of knowledge and learnt how to interact with others, you should feel confident that mastering the language is not that far away.